3 Activities in 1 Box – Explore Magnetism, Flying Kite and Fishing Game

  • This kit also includes EASY to understand, STEP-BY-STEP Instruction MANUAL explaining the WORKING PRINCIPLE of the Model. Making time 90 mins and unlimited Playtime.
  • Minimal Adult involvement, No Tools required and Mess-Free Assembly. Activities can be assembled, dissembled & reassembled multiple times.
  • Learning Outcomes: behaviour of Magnets towards different materials, Magnetic Levitation, differentiation between different colours and sizes.
  • Skills Developed: Motor Skills, Critical Thinking Skills, Real Life Application Skills, Cognitive Skills, Problem-Solving Skills.


What is a magnet? What are the materials that attract or do not- attract to a magnet? How can we create the effect of levitation with the help of a Magnet? How can we differentiate between different colours and sizes? A Child can get answers to all these questions by performing 3 fun-filled, experiential, DIY (Do It Yourself) activities provided in this Box called “Nature of Magnets”.

The first activity is called “Explore magnetism”. In this activity, the child will explore the attractive and non-attractive nature of a magnet with regards to different materials. This activity introduces a child to the behaviour of Magnets towards different materials

The second activity is called “Flying Kite”. In this activity, the child will make a kite which will be flying in air without any physical support. In this activity, the child will be putting his knowledge of magnetic attraction to create the effect of levitation, in the form of flying kite.

The Third activity is called “Fishing Game”. In this activity, the child will first make fishes of different colours and sizes. After that, using a fishing rod the child will play a game of catching fishes of different sizes and colours with the help of many clue cards. In this activity, the child will learn to differentiate between similar but distinct colours and sizes through a fun-filled multiplayer game.

The “NATURE OF MAGNETS” Box introduces the Science Concept related to Magnetism through different activities to children in a very age-appropriate and fun-filled manner. The Box contains all the parts needed to make the models and also comes with a detailed Instruction Manual, that systematically guides the child to the entire assembly process and its working. Children can assemble, dissemble and reassemble these activities repeatedly.


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