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Making Science Learning Fun for Kids

STEAM based Science Do It Yourself Activities

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Make & Learn is a Bangalore based Science Experiential Learning company. We provide STEAM based Science DIY activity kits for children aged between 5 to 15 yrs. We believe in “Learning by doing”. 

We are a team of Engineering (IIT ALUMNUS) and Management Graduates with a passion to impart the knowledge of Science through Exploratory Learning

Real-Life Application Based Learning

We often find a disconnect between the science concept studied and its use in our real life. Make & Learn Boxes will bridge the disconnect between the scientific concepts and their application in the real life world.

Real -life application of Science concepts studied in School

Connection between Theory and Practical

Learning by Doing

DIY - Do It Yourself

Make & Learn Boxes are designed in such a way that a child assembles the models by him/herself with the help of the steps provided in the Instruction Manual and understands the concept in the process.

Child - Safe Materials

Minimal / No adult involvement

Easy explanation of science concept

Longer Retention of Science Concepts

Learning by doing, makes science concept retainable for a very long duration of time.

Multiple Skill Enhancement

In addition to Scientific Knowledge, Make & Learn box enhances different Skill sets of a child.

What is STEAM?

STEAM is incorporated in each and every activity and model of Make & Learn Box

Gadget Free Engagement

Make & Learn has got a solution to the vast problem of engaging children without Gadgets, by providing fun-filled activities which are based on science concepts.


Very engaging activities


Screen free quality learning


Improves concentration and focus

Gift a Box/Subscription

Gift a box/ subscription of joy and learning to a child on different occasions throughout the year.



Return Gifts

Summer Vacations


Make & Learn offers these wonderful DIY Kits which keep kids engaged for a very long time. It stirs the thought process of the kid which keep them hooked on to the subject. When my child did model making of 2-D Shapes, she finished the project and started observing each and every thing at home relating to shapes and its’s features.
Mother of Haritha
Thank you for lovely Make & Learn Science DIY Boxes. My son, just loved them and was so happy to make them all by himself. He was thrilled to see his science text book, practically in front of him. Understanding concept became so easier by it. Looking forward for the next Box.
Mother of Shaurya
My 5 year old daughter really enjoyed the Nature of Magnet box. She was very fascinated by the flying kite. I don’t think there is a better way for her to see magnetism, and now that she has I am sure the concept will stay in her head.
Father of Sara
My 13 year old son is so excited to make the model of Wireless Electricity. He was happy that he could understand the concept related to electromagnetic Induction so easily by making a model. The manuals are easy to understand and very descriptive.
Dr. Swapnil
Mother of Sidharth


Each Box will have 3-4 DIY activities. Also, there will be a detailed Instruction Manual which will step-by-step guide a child to the making of Activities and models. The Instruction manual will also explain the Science concept and the working principle behind the models

All the activities are age appropriate and require minimal or no adult supervision in there making and understanding.

Yes, all the models are designed by taking utmost care of child safety. The material used in making the models are safe and friendly for children of all age groups.

The Subscription Boxes will be delivered by courier to your address.

Each box will be sent to you on a monthly basis. So there will be a gap of about 30 days between two boxes.

Yes, you can always cancel the subscription any time you like. You are required to send us an email for cancellation and we will reimburse the amount for the boxes that are yet to be sent to you.

You can change your delivery address at any point of time and we will deliver the boxes that are yet to be sent, to your new address. To do so, you have to send an email to us and we will do the needful.

Shipping is FREE. You don’t have to pay any cost other than the Subscription cost, in receiving the boxes.

You can pay online, through our safe payment link and can also avail Cash on Delivery (COD) option.

Yes, we can ship to any postal reachable area across India.