HOW is a Class Structured ?

Almost all the Classes/ Experiments follow a common methodology, as briefed below :

Make an Observation :
Perform an observation based activity,related to a Science Concept. The Instruction manual(provided with the Kit), guides the child, step-by-step, on how to perfrom the activity. Record your Observations.

Ask a Question : Children are guided by themanual to ask question relating to that Science Concept and the observations that they have made.

1) What has happened to Light ?
2) Where has the image gone ?
3) Has the light changed its direction ?

HOW is a Class Structured ?

Form an Idea (Hypothesis) : Children are encouraged/guided by the manual to form an idea of the possible reason(s), that are justifying their observation.

Make a Model (Experiment) : The Kit contains all the required

material to make a model/experiment, that relates to the concept on which the activity was performed and observations were made. The Instruction manual, guides the child, step-by-step, to make the model.

1) It might be possible that the light got bent by the mirror.

2) It might be possible that the light got absorbed by the mirror.

HOW is a Class Structured ?

Draw Conclusions and Relate to Real Life Application(s)

The Instruction manual details the working Principle/Science on which the model is working and how it is related to the observations made in the activity. The manual also details some real life applications of the concept.