Who We Are

Make & Learn is an Experiential Science Learning company with a team of Engineering, Science and Management Graduates based out of Bangalore. We established ourselves in the year 2015 and have grown in many ways.

Of-course we are Science enthusiasts, but more than that, we are parents ourselves, We understand how difficult it is to get the attention of our children towards Science and know that parents and teachers all over the world face the same challenge.

We have managed to achieve this by Making Observations, Asking Questions, Forming Ideas, Make Models and finally Drawing Conclusions Related to Real Life Application.

It is our belief that by following the concept of ‘Learning by Doing’ or as we call it ‘MAKE & LEARN’, which is based on Experiential Learning Model, we will be able to bridge the disconnect between the scientific concepts that are taught in school and their applications in the real world.

With this belief, we offer DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Science Learning Kits, based on the concept of Experiential Learning Model. The Kits are designed to cover the Science topics that a child studies in the school, as part of their curriculum. They can be used by a student and a school, alike. These kits, very systematically, expose a child’s inquisitive nature and sense of wonder to an age appropriate Science based Model. Our research shows that these Kits have successfully bridged the gap between the scientific concepts and their applications in the real world. This will thus, empower a School and teacher in delivering the Science concepts to their students in a fun-filled, hands-on playful manner, thereby making Science Learning an Unforgettable Experience